• Use family time for fun and engaging learning time

  • Busy moms can monitor progress and help their child

  • Children learn at their own pace with an evidence-based curriculum

  • Fun leads to mastery

  • Love Learning

Great Parents Academy (GPA)

GPA’s LoveMathTM learning platform is a web-based application that teaches children math, K through 5th grade. The platform’s holistic curriculum spans the learning of an entire grade level and includes up to 200 lessons per grade. LoveMathTM’s Engage feature facilitates meaningful communication between the parent, the child and educators. The Motivate feature is a reward system that surprises, delights and celebrates the child’s effort and successes. Children that want to get ahead, not fall behind or catch up use LoveMathTM on their journey to learn math.

GPA is focused on providing tools to empower parents and support their active role in educating their child. The parent, teacher and child can forge a strong relationship that celebrates learning, builds math confidence and encourages the application of knowledge in the real world.

Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade may now start Playing GPA